Writer. Digital Content Creator. Event Producer. Speaker.

Get to know Bee Quammie.

Storytelling has been a part of Bee's life ever since she won the "Lunch with Robert Munsch" writing contest in elementary school. Following in the footsteps of the griots that have come before her, Bee uses the multidimensions of media to share her stories, and to help others share theirs. Read on to learn more about Bee and her work. 

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Bee is an accomplished freelance writer who has written for notable digital and print publications. Covering topics spanning race & culture to parenthood to health & wellness, Bee weaves captivating and well-crafted stories that engage her audience. Bee is also a skilled copywriter, bio writer, and speech writer. Click the icons above and visit her digital portfolio to view her work. 

digital conteNT creation

Bee began blogging in 2006, using the digital space as an outlet for self-expression. In 2011 she launched her blog '83 To Infinity, covering topics around natural hair care, health, culture, and more. In 2014 she began The Brown Suga Mama, detailing stories of motherhood after the birth of her daughter. Bee's digital work has been acknowledged nationally and internationally, with her receiving the Best Blogger Award at the 2014 Black Canadian Awards, and celebrated by Black Enterprise as one of the "most impactful and successful voices in the online space."

Bee uses her knowledge and passion for digital media to assist others by offering social media consultations and management to individuals and small businesses. She has helped others to grow and get the most out of their online presences, and has facilitated a number of workshops on social media for grassroots and corporate organizations. 

event production & hosting

It started in 2013 when the leader of a Meetup.com group that Bee joined was unable to continue plans for the group's next event. Bee and AMC, a fellow member, stepped up to help - and from there, Bee's event production skills bloomed. 

Bee's co-produced and co-hosted events include Curls Coils & Cocktails (running annually since 2013), which celebrates natural hair and beauty; The Syndicate, a one-day workshop event on social media and blogging; and The R&B Show, a live conversation party event which tackles different topics about relationships from the perspectives of women and men. Bee's signature solo event, Mirror Images, was born in 2014 and is a panel discussion event that focuses on topics around diversity and representation in areas like media and digital content creation.

public speaking

As a public speaker, Bee is engaging, expressive, and knowledgeable. A featured speaker at events like Blogging While Brown, the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show, and various conferences and workshops across North America, she has addressed audiences on topics like social media, digital content creation, the politics and personal perspectives of natural hair, and health & wellness. Check out Bee's National Speakers Bureau for more information


Bee's storytelling and speaking abilities take her in front of the camera, where she's been a featured guest on television shows like CBC News: The National, TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin, and Our Take on Arise TV. Bee has also conducted on-air interviews with figures such as Jamaican media personality Yendi Phillipps.

special projects

Bee has worked on a number of special projects:

  • International Marketing & Promotions Coordinator for the 2015 Women's Freedom Conference
  • Spokesperson for the Women's Health In Women's Hands HIV Testing Awareness campaign
  • Communications committee lead and panel moderator for the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival
  • Publicist for The Blind Stigma documentary


social media